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We're growing because we're popular
-Facts about our population/
rate of growth and
young people (teens / 20s)-

1.51 million people

[Oct.1,2015 ] 
[Source] National Census(2015)

No.6 among all metropolises

Cities with a large
population increase rate

(From 2010.Oct to Oct.2015)

1985 1.16million people、1990 1.23million people、1995 1.28million people、2000 1.34million people、2005 1.4million people、2010 1.46million people、2014 1.51million people

[Source] National Census(2015)

The cities with the
highest rates are…

(From Oct.2010 to Oct.2015)

No.1 among all metropolises No.1 among all metropolises

No.1 FukuokaCity 3.1%、No.2 SendaiCity 2.3%、No.3 SaitamaCity 1.8%、No.4 KawasakiCity 1.7%、No.5 SapporoCity 1.3%、average of metropolises 0.6%

[Source] National Census(2015)

No.1 among all metropolises in terms
of the growth rate for the
young people (teens / 20s)

19.2% No.1 among all metropolises

[Source] National Census(2017)

Cities with the highest growth rate for the
young people (teens / 20s)

No.1 FukuokaCity 19.2%、No.2 SendaiCity 19.1%、No.3 KawasakiCity 18.2%、No.4 KyotoCity 18.0%、No.5 SagamiharaCity 17.6%

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