Spreading the Word about Fukuoka

Welcome to “Fukuoka Facts”!
On this site, we have fun introducing the “good points” of Fukuoka.

Fukuoka is easy to live in!

Within a 2.5 kilometer radius, there is a rich transportation network complete with an international airport, a Shinkansen station, a harbor, and a subway! Also, the sea and the mountains are close!It has wonderful urban functionality and abundant nature together in a compact space.

Fukuoka is exciting!

The food is cheap and tasty!! In addition, there are Shinto and Buddhist shrines with a 2000 year history and pedigree and the wonderful liveliness of a city filled with a variety of people that attract many people from inside the country and abroad.

Such charms have also been appreciated in information magazines around the world and have been featured in various top lists.

However,these aren't Fukuoka's only “good points”!

This site “Fukuoka Facts” is packed with tons of information about Fukuoka's charms and livability!

To those of you who have seen them,please by all means share “Fukuoka’s good points” more and more!

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