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- On the Road to Becoming a Leading City in Asia Pursuing an Ideal Balance Between Our Citizens,
Our Natural Environment and Our Irrepressible Vitality -

Did you know that UK's Monocle Magazine ranked Fukuoka No. 10 on its list of the Top Most Livable Cities in the World for 2014 In terms of cities in Asia, Monocle actually gave us the No. 3 spot following Tokyo and Kyoto. If you want confirmation from another reputable source, then check the U.S. magazine Newsweek, which selected Fukuoka as one of its Ten Hottest Cities in the World for 2006

So what makes our city so attractive? Well, for starters Fukuoka Airport, Fukuoka Railway Station and the Port of Hakata, our gateway from the ocean, are all located within a two and a half kilometer (or a little more than one mile) radius. We have state-of-the-art subways and highways. All this and we're still surrounded by the beauties of nature such as picturesque mountains and wide-open seas.

Fukuoka cuisine is exotic and appetizing without busting your wallet. We've been around for more than two millennia, and during that time we've figured out how to harmonize our age-old temples and shrines with our modern cityscape and infrastructure. Although we're pint-size city, we're confident we can go head-to-head with the metropolises of the world. These are some reasons why we think we've been so highly rated by the global media.

But that's not all. Even people in Japan don't know that our water supply system has one of the lowest rates of leaks in the world and that we have the fastest ambulance response and patient transfer time in the country. These weird and wonderful facts are among just a few that testify to the hospitality and livability of our city.

Fukuoka is striving to become a leading city in Asia that purses an ideal balance between our citizens,
our natural environment and our irrepressible vitality. We've created this website because
we want to spread the word about how Fukuoka stands out in a wide range of fields so more
people around the world can learn about the small but spectacular place we call home.

I hope you'll have a chance to hear about Fukuoka and it's many features we're so proud of.
If you do, by all means keep on spreading the word!

Soichiro Takashima
Mayor of Fukuoka City

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