(UP September 13,2016)

Talking of summer… The beach!
-The number of beaches with good water quality-

1 Fukuoka City 2 Kitakyushu 3 Okayama市 4 Yokohama 4 Niigata 4 Kobe

水質の良い海水浴場の数(30km圏内) 福岡市近郊の水質の良い海水浴場(30km圏内) 福岡市は21大都市中1位

[Source] Researched by Kyushu Economic Research Center based on Water quality facts and statistics website (Ministry of the Environment)
* "Beaches with good water quality" are defined as beaches classified as AA or A in a governmental water survey.
* The water survey results refer to data taken before opening the beaches in 2013.
* The distance of 30km was measured from the city hall.

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