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Everyone has only twenty-four hours in a day
- Why transportation is great in Fukuoka -

全国平均 38.5分、福岡・北九州大都市圏 34.5分、札幌大都市圏 35分、広島大都市圏 35.5分、仙台大都市圏 36分、中京大都市圏 37分、近畿大都市圏 41.5分、関東大都市圏 49分

[Source] Global Power City Index (GPCI) YEARBOOK 2016
(Institute for Urban Strategies,The Mori Memorial Foundation)
*The scores of each city are converted into indices with a maximum value of 50 and a minimum value of 0.

[Source] Basic survey on social life 2016 (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
Average time that people take to complete certain actions, based on survey form A.
*Average time: Average value calculated excluding those who do not travel to work or school.
* among 3 major city areas ... Cities with populations of more than one million,Kanto,Kinki,Chukyo’s metropolitan areas

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