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1 About this Site

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Recommended operating systems and browsers
Although we've done our best to support all major browsers, we do recommend you use the following software for your viewing pleasure.

* Please keep in mind that you might have trouble accessing or viewing some of the contents
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2 About the Page Layout

Below is an example of a typical page (homepage and each section) on this site. We've divided most of the pages into three sections that we call the Header Field, the Content Field and the Footer Field. We're hoping this makes it easier for visitors to use the various functions on the pages and quickly find what they're looking for.

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(1) The Header Field

You'll be able to see this field on top of all of the pages. On it are links to the homepage and other sections as well as a search window.

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(2) The Content Field

The Content Filed on the homepage gives you an overview of each section and new stuff that's been added, while the Content Fields of each section tell you about specific topics in more detail.

(3) The Footer Field

Just like the Header Field, you'll be able to see this part on the bottom of every page.

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(4) How We've Organized the Website

We've organized information on this website into the following sections.

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