DATA NO.6( UPDATE July 26,2016 | UP February 28,2014 )

No. 1 for three straight years! We've got your back for startups!
- A lot of young people in Fukuoka want to start a business -

4.1% from 2006 to 2009 No.1 among cities with populations exceeding one million

No.1 Fukuoka 4.1%、No.2 Sapporo 3.9%、No.3 Yokohama 3.6%、No.4 Sendai 3.6%、No.5 Hiroshima 3.3%。

12.3% No.1 in the 20 metropolises

No.1 Fukuoka 12.3%、No.2 Sagamihara 8.7%、No.3 Hiroshima 8.0%、No.4 Okayama 7.7%、No.5 Nagoya 7.3%。

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